Let's Talk Plan B

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Women's health is such an important topic, and I think that so often it seems taboo to discuss. Or maybe some women are embarrassed to discuss certain things, and often, we just don't know how to bring it up. So, I wanted to talk about something that I think all women should at least know about and understand what it does. So, #LetsTalkPlanB -

If you're not familiar with Plan B One Step, it is a pill that you can take after unprotected sex or a birth control slip up. You have to take it within 72 hours of unprotected sex or birth control failure.

Plan B works by delaying ovulation to help prevent pregnancy before it even starts. The active ingredient in it is levonorgestrel, which is the same hormone found in common birth control pills, just at a single, higher dose.

It doesn't have to come down to hoping and praying that you don't get pregnant after unprotected sex.  

Plan B One Step can help as long as it is used as directed. But let's be real. It is not a form of everyday birth control. It is for emergency situations.

Just a single pill that you take by mouth- the sooner you take it after unprotected sex or a birth control slipup, the better it works. But always use as directed.

Plan B One-Step emergency contraception is used as a backup method for birth control if, for example:

  •      Your regular birth control failed, such as a broken condom.

  •      You made a mistake with your regular birth control method, like forgetting to take your birth control pill.

  •      You didn't use any birth control at all.

It is not an abortion pill and will not affect an existing pregnancy. It also will not affect your future fertility.

If you are interested in purchasing Plan B, you can typically find it in the family planning aisle. I was able to pick it up at Target, in the aisle mentioned above, right on the bottom shelf. It can be just purchased over the counter. If you're looking for it and cannot locate it within the store, you can always ask the pharmacist and they will be able to help.

You don't need to provide an ID, a prescription or your age.  Should you have any questions you can also call toll free, 1-800-330-1271 for more information. Or you can check out the Plan B website.  Of course, you could also talk with your doctor.

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Let's continue to talk about important women's health issues and make sure that topics like these are no longer taboo!

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