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Gut health isn't something that is really talked about on a daily basis, But since April is IBS Awareness month I wanted to talk more about it. Maybe because it's embarrassing or maybe because people don't know how to bring it up. But I know I've had gut health issues for as long as I can remember.

I remember being a kid and my stomach always bothered me. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with what I was eating and what I wasn't eating. I feel like throughout the years I have tried so many different solutions and while things may help me for the immediate time nothing seems to be long term.

Gut Health

So when I was approached about trying Holigos IBS, I basically figured, Why Not? I've always been all over the place with my "bathroom habits". I go from Not going at all, to going a lot. I always feel bloated, have stomach pains and just feel gross.

If you never heard of Holigos, Holigos™ IBS is a new, non-prescription product formulated with Human-Natural Oligosaccharides. It is a medical food clinically proven to help people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) nutritionally manage common IBS symptoms including diarrhea, constipation, bloating and abdominal pain.

Human-Natural Oligosaccharides are nutrients unique to the human body as they are similar to those found in the protective lining of the digestive tract and identical in structure to those found in mother’s milk. Our bodies themselves produce these unique compounds which are critical for digestive health. Mothers produce them in their milk in the form of human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) to give their babies the best start in life. The evidence available shows that HNOs do the same for adults as they do for babies. They nourish and support our intestinal barrier by stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. This process helps build strong intestinal barriers and regulate the immune system as well as promote overall digestive and immune health.

The main benefits are:

  • Improving the gut microbiome
    Research has shown that many people suffering from IBS have an unbalanced gut microbiome. The HNOs in Holigos™ IBS are unique in how they selectively feed your own good gut bacteria allowing them to grow and flourish. This makes it difficult for bad bacteria to survive and limits its negative impact on your digestive system.

  • Strengthen the intestinal barrier
    Our intestinal barrier is vitally important in keeping out bacteria, allergens and toxins. Research has shown that a dysfunctional intestinal barrier is common among IBS patients. HNOs are the food your good bacteria use to produce the nutrients that are essential for a strong intestinal barrier.

  • Creating a balanced immune system
    An unbalanced immune system can lead to bowel disturbances, stomach pain and may even disrupt the gut microbiome itself. HNOs nourish our intestinal barrier and support the production of good bacteria. This helps to reduce stress on the immune system and provides it with vital nutrients. This creates a positive cycle of a healthy gut leading to a balanced immune system, thereby providing fundamental relief from IBS.

In a previous Clinical trial, Clinical study participants experience:

  • Less pain – Days with stomach pain reduced from 4 to less than 1½ over the course of a week.

  • Regular Bowel movement – Instances of constipation and diarrhea reduced by more than a half.

  • Reduced bloating – Bloating severity reduced by more than 60%.

  • Increased quality of life – 55% improvement on measures such as energy and mood.

Other benefits of Holigos are that Holigos IBS is free from gluten, artificial colors, flavors, yeast, soy and sweeteners. You can mix with anything - It can be added to all food and drinks. Neutral or no taste or smell. I was surprised that is had absolutely no color or flavor. I just mix it with water and it tastes like I am drinking a regular glass of water. And it comes in convenient on-the-go stick packs.

Whoa, I know this was a lot of information! But hopefully, it is info you found helpful to you and working on your gut health. Other ways to help is to eat a range of fresh, whole foods, mainly from plants like fruits, veggies, beans and whole grains.

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