Scrape A Round Ice Scrapers

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Scrape A Round Ice Scrapers and the product has been provided for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Cold weather is finally upon us and lots of snow is in the forecast for the next couple of week. Looks like a white Christmas could be in our future after all and that is why I wanted to share the Scrape a round Ice Scrapers.

Scrape a round

I received the red and blue cone, which are the original Scrape A Round ice scrapers. I also received the Round 2. Each of the three cones has an additional topper that can be used for something else. The green cone has a mini cone top for smaller spaces, such as side mirrors. The red and blue have an additional tool for tougher projects.

I'll be honest, I park in my garage and never have to scrape my windows. Travis, on the other hand parks in our driveway and, has to scrape his windows before heading off to work. So I thought I'd be nice and give him a scraping break while I tried out the Scrape A Round Ice Scrapers.

We've been lucky to not have too many frozen mornings but this morning was particularly cold.  I used the red, original scraper and I really like how the cone fits perfectly to the window.

The only downside was my arms couldn't reach to the middle of the window to scrape it. Otherwise, I felt like the scraper worked well and did its job!

Scrape-A-Round is the perfect holiday gift idea for stocking stuffers, neighbor gifts, work gifts, and family gifts. Simply turn the Scrape-A- Round upside down, fill with selected items, wrap it up and have a unique gift as varied as your imagination.

I did a quick video of scraping my little table that is on the back porch. I wanted you to be able to see how easy it really can be! And I really liked the green cone because it was a little bit smaller and fit into my hand a little easier.

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