A day of firsts!

Tyler is wasting no time growing up! Tonight he rolled over! And fast, at that! It was so quick. He was up on his side then over! What a great milestone! I had my camera next to me but it was so fast that it was not caught on camera! Hopefully I will get one of the "rollover" soon!

The snow is sure coming down hard today. We woke up with about 3 inches on the ground, and more to come tonight! Travis and I have to go into work tomorrow for a health thing they are doing, and I hope the roads cooperate! Especially since we are in a time crunch with Zach on half days right now!

Here are a few pics from the past couple of days!!

Zach and Jada

the boys cozy on the couch!

1st Snow! I like it much better when I don't have to drive in it!

Zach just coming in to warm up after playing int he snow.... And Tyler after his bath! Believe me, he didn't look this cute in the bath.... He was maaad!

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