About My Family

In 2001 I married a man I thought I would spend my life with.

God had other plans for me.
Only a couple of months after getting married, I found out I was pregnant!
We were very excited and scared but ready for a family!
Baby boy was not interested in hanging out in mom’s belly, and was delivered via c-section at 33 weeks.
Zachary spent a long 45 days in the NICU and we were so grateful when he got to come home.
A very short 7 months after Zachary came home
my husband passed away unexpectedly from a massive heart attack.
At 19 I was now a widow and a single mom.
Times were tough but I am lucky to have amazing friends and family to help
me through all of those bad days. And God knows, there were plenty of them.
In 2007 I started a new job that was going to be great for Zachary and I.
Again, God had more in store for me that I could imagine.
There at work was a cute, quiet guy named Travis.
I would try to talk to him, and he mainly just talked about his dog.
After a couple of months I finally asked him to have dinner with me.
And I was lucky when he said yes!
After dating for the next 3 years,
we found out we were going to have a baby and Travis asked me to marry him!
Travis and I got married in April of 2010
and we welcomed Tyler into our family that October.
In September 2012 we welcomed our daughter, Summer, into our family,
and couldn’t be more excited to be a complete family of 5!
I feel very blessed for the life that I have
and for my family.

If you want to know more, please feel free to contact me at TheColbertClan@gmail.com

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