Growing, Growing, Growing!

Wow... Tyler is growing like a weed! (but is way cuter!) 
I can't believe he will be 1 month old on Friday-- The time has flown! 
It feels like we have had so much going on too. 

With check ups for both of us, his "snip snip" visit (which he handled rather well!) visits with his BFF Raylee, and a trip to Montana to Grandpa's house for hunting season-- 
where his Dad bagged a big buck! 
Now we have just a couple more weeks of relaxing before Travis has to head back to work. It has sure been nice to have Travis home all this time so I can get back on my feet. 
I have been feeling pretty great for a while, but it was still nice to have the extra help, and time with Trav. Here are a couple of pics from the past couple of weeks!

Tyler's first Halloween!

Tyler and his BFF Raylee- Trying to take a picture of 2 babies is NOT easy! 
One of them is always moving (mine) and one was always crying (mine again....)
Raylee Jane-- My BFF's little lady! What little cuties we have!

A lot has been going on with Zachary too-- Here are some pics!


Zach with Travis and Grandpa at school launching his rocket.
Zach has been learning about rocket science and had a big exam-- He rocked it too!! I am a proud mama!!

Zachary wanted to be swaddled like we do with Tyler! lol... this was great! We got his blanket and Travis wrapped him up!

Zach's school Halloween party!
I love getting to help with these!

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