End of year review!

Hi Everyone,

It’s time for the 2010 year in review! But before I get started with that I have to make a quick 2009 side note. Since I didn’t send a letter last year I wanted to mention one thing.

Most of you know that I have been following the band Rascal Flatts since high school. I even told Travis that if the lead singer ever asked me to marry him, I was leaving! J (Travis has been warned!) Well after 10 concerts in 9 years I finally MET RASCAL FLATTS!!! I had gotten tickets to the Portland show, and won the meet and greet pass to meet the guys! I got to give my “boyfriend” the biggest hug and did not want to let go, but security was closely watching! It was truly an amazing experience and I hope that someday I will get to meet them again!

Now for 2010—what a year! We have been chalked full of events and things to do. It’s been busy but a year to remember. The first couple of months were pretty quiet; I was planning to take Zachary to Disneyland for his 8th birthday. He didn’t know anything, and I was looking forward to the surprise!

The last week of March was pretty awesome! We celebrated Travis’ birthday, He proposed and we found out we were expecting a baby come October! I really didn’t want to get married with a big huge belly, so we wasted no time planning the wedding for the next month. April 17th we got married in my mom and dad’s back yard in front of our family and friends, and then had a BBQ after to celebrate!

The week after, I took Zach on a surprise trip to Southern California. This was a first for both of us and I was excited! I got him up one morning and we headed to the airport. He was questioning where we were going, since I had told him we were going to the store!

Once at the airport I let him know that him and I were getting on a plane and heading to California and would be at Disneyland later that day!! It was great!

We spent 3 days at Disneyland and California Adventure and didn’t see half of it, I’m betting! We also went to SeaWorld (my personal favorite), Universal Studios, a Hollywood tour, San Diego Zoo, and several of the beaches. Since I couldn’t ride a lot of the rides I was worried that maybe Zach wouldn’t either. But nope, not my boy—He hit everything he could, even the roller coasters! And some of them he went on multiple times! It was great! We really had a great trip and it was a nice getaway for Zach and I.

Since Travis and I worked together at the credit union, when we decided to get married we knew one of us would have to leave. And because I was expecting the baby, we decided it would be me to go so that once the baby got here I could stay at home.

My last day at SECU was June 1st. I was really bummed to leave my job because I did love it there so much, and knew I would miss my friends, but I have to say that I am lucky that I got to stay at home for the summer with Zach. To have these last few months together before the baby gets here has been great for both Zachary and me!

In June we also found out that we were going to be parents to another BOY! We were really excited! Now that we knew the sex it was time to plan plan plan!

In July we decided that it was a good time to upgrade homes! Our little house is nice and cozy, but getting small. And with another person on the way we could really use the space. We had been looking for quite a while and finally found a house in Colbert that was perfect for us. The boys would each have their own room, and I have a scrapbook room! Finally! (I am most excited for this!) After a lot of work, getting a fence installed (so the dog doesn’t run away), grass, sprinklers, etc. it was finally time to move in come September. Zachary also started 3rd grade in his new school!

October was another great month! I was scheduled for a c-section on the 22nd, but I guess the baby couldn’t wait any longer! On the 19th my water broke, and Tyler James made his first appearance at 10:23 am. Weighing in at 8 lbs. 2 oz and 20.5 inches long! We are so blessed to have another healthy boy!

As the holidays are approaching we are keeping busy. There is always something to do around the house as we are still settling in. Tyler keeps us on our toes! He loves to sleep during the day, and not sleep at night! But that is getting better! Which is great since Travis is back at work! Zachary is adjusting to his new school, and enjoying the activities in class. He also loves his baby brother! But says he can’t wait until he’s bigger and can play with him!

2010 has really been an amazing year. We are so fortunate for what has been brought our way this year! And we are looking forward to what the future holds for our family! I hope that you will check back on our blog regularly to see what is going on!

We hope that everyone is doing well, and had as great of a year as we did!

Have a safe holiday season, and we will see you in 2011!


Travis, Kate, Zachary, Tyler and Jada

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