Pictures, Finally!

First of all, these pictures are sorta in random order. They are mainly newest to oldest. And there are A LOT of pictures in this post. Tyler is finally sleeping after what has been a rough afternoon of crying, so I am taking advantage as fast as I can to get these pictures posted.

For whatever reason my camera finally decided to upload after about 2 or so weeks of trying.
So here is what our family has been up to the last few weeks. :)

Here is Tyler and I just today.

Trav and Tyler snuck in a little nap yesterday morning. I found them on the bed crashed out. It was pretty cute. :)

Here is Zachary dressed up as Paul Stanley from KISS. It was a Rock n' Roll themed day and he rocked the black hair and face paint like nobody's business!

Tyler was having a fun morning on the floor.
He is usually on a blanket (because of all the dog hair) and this morning I was annoyed with myself that I didn't put down a blanket because he was covered in dog hair, and had it all over his hands, trying to shove it in his mouth as fast as he can. :)

Raylee loves her pat-a-cake :)

Nicki. me. Raylee and Tyler.

Zach, Andrew and Joel

Zachary with his uncle Jerry. They don't look alike at all... do they?

Zachary having cake on his actual birthday

Zach excited for his new game!

Easter day

Zach's already enjoying his Lego's that the Easter bunny brought!

Tyler had a longer Easter day. He is passed out!

Tyler and dad hangin out on the couch!

6 months old! What a big boy!

We met up with Trav's dad over in Missoula for a day (when it was Rick's bday). It was great to catch up and for Rick to see the boys.

Nicki won tickets and a limo ride to see Lee Dewyze, who won American Idol. And Colbie Cailat. Luckily for me she asked me to join her! It was a great night out!

Nicki's sisters bought tickets yo the concert and joined us in the limo!

Tyler just being a cutie!

Also. I finally figured out how to make my pictures so that they are not sideways. But I'll start that next time! :)

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