249 in, 249 out!

Look at my sweet sweet boys! They are so precious! 
Tyler has a bit of a milestone today... (June 24th, 2011) 249 days in my belly, 249 days out of my belly!
He sure has grown!

So has Zach! He is closing in on the 4'9" mark that he has been waiting for forever! Why? You ask? Because at 4'9" he can finally ride without his booster seat in the car! (Does that mean I won't try to still make him? nope :) ) He is safer in the car seat, and I will stick to my guns. 
This is too precious of cargo to mess with the rules! 

Last Thursday Travis had his work cruise. I am really glad that I still get to go on these because they were always so much fun. Grandma and Grandpa came over and spent the evening with the boys so Travis and I could go out on the lake with everyone. Lake Coeur D'Alene is so beautiful! I loved having an evening out with my hubs, and the girls from work. :)

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