1st Birthday party planning!

I know you are thinking, "What? Tyler is only 9 months old!" 

Yep! He sure is! But there are only 76 days until his first birthday and I can't wait! 
I have been planning like crazy and this is going to be a special day he will never remember! 
(but I will! and he will see the scrapbook!)

I have been planning like crazy and will be making everything (basically!)
Invites are drawn up. 
decorations are in order.
I found the best "themed" food
and the cutest punch!

This is going to be one rockin' 1st Birthday! 

(I am super excited if you couldn't tell!) 
Now I just need to start making everything!

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  1. I alway spend alot of time planning my kids parties too. Emma's is in December, but when you need to make and prepare, find a place to want to have a 10 year's sassy little day.. this takes time. I am glad to see I am not the only mom out there who spends a lot of time making birthday memories for my kids!


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