Happy New Year!

This year Zach spent New Year's Eve with his grandparents and cousin Korey. 

So since it was just Trav, Tyler and I we hung out around home!
We got a pizza and a couple of movies, 
and play some Scrabble in between.

Tyler laid down a little later than normal, about 8:30 pm.
But around 11:30 the (illegal) fireworks started up. 

Thanks idiots for waking up my baby at 11:45 at night! 
It turned out okay because Tyler got to stay up and ring in the new year with Mom and Dad. 

 Here we are! Just rang in the new year!
Tyler liked watching everything that was going on on TV!

Me and my little monkey! 
Now lets head for bead because it's waay past my bedtime! 

The next morning we got a few more pictures!

Zach came home in the afternoon and we got a few family pictures.
Tyler isn't very interested in looking at the camera, but more at us as we say "Cheese"
After a few takes, we got a pretty decent one.
We had a very blessed 2011!
And I am so excited for 2012 and what is in store!


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