10 weeks, take two?

Yep, you are seeing that correctly.
I *get* to spend an extra week in my 1st trimester.
How lucky for me, right?
Not when you feel like poop!

I had a Dr. appt this morning and they confirmed what the ultra sound tech said last week.
They are pushing my due date back by one week.
Last week the peanut was measuring at 9 weeks, so I am 10 weeks for a second week in a row. :)

Today they were unable to find the heartbeat using the Doppler so they took me in to do a quick ultrasound.
My little peanut was looking great and their heartbeat pumping away at 154 beats per minute.

I tried to reason with them on my due date.
I sure didn't have my heart set on 9/17 as an EDD
but I know when I ovulated. And all the business.
I also got a positive test the day my period was supposed to show up.
So does that mean that I was actually only 3 weeks when I got a positive test?

My Dr. said it does not mean that and they are just going off of baby's size.
So my new theory?
Peanut is measuring small because it's a girl.
Right? Right?
It must be!

Anyway, my new EDD is 9/24/2012

Here I am: 10 weeks take two.

Anyway, even though nothing has changed really, I will still fill this out.

How far along:  10 weeks... again

Total weight gain:
12 ounces

slept pretty good this past week! Hopefully I can keep that up!

Maternity Clothes:
Mainly just jeans but I could use a few new shirts.
Most of my maternity shirts that I have are for when I am bigger

We are Team green so we will find out in September! 

We have a list going, but nothing concrete! We have way too much time to decide still!

Stretch marks
No new ones.

Best moment this week:
Today hearing the heartbeat again.
It's so reassuring.  

Too early for that!

Food cravings:
I have been living on the Maruchan  brand of
cup of noodles. Chicken. It feels great on my stomach
and doesn't actually make me feel awful.

Labor signs
Not even close.

Belly button - innie or outie: 
It's an innie. I have a really deep belly button and it take a long time to even get  flush. 
I doubt it will ever flip out.

What are you looking forward to this week
Maybe starting to feel better?

Feeling okay.
My blood work from a couple of weeks ago looked good so that is always a plus.
And I am not currently anemic so that is great too.
Though I have a feeling it will change, because it has the last two times. 


  1. An extra week of being pregnant... for me that would have been complete torture! I absoutly hated everything about being pregnant... dont get me wrong I loved the outcome and I will maybe, possible go through it all again. But I still hate it more then anything!

  2. If they would have pushed me back once I felt fine, I don't think it would bother me a single bit. Pregnancy has treated me pretty well so I don't mind it too much... But when I feel like I am going to throw up every single day... don't tell me I *get* to spend another week!

    You should definitely do it again! Harper needs a brother or sister to love on! :)

  3. Yeah the baby is measuring small because it's a girl!! I asked your hubby and he said he was going with a BOY!! No Travis GIRL! Either way this baby is going to be lucky!! Hope you start feeling better soon, and hey at least it's not 3 or 4 extra weeks!! ;) Have a great day!!


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