10 weeks!

This morning I had an ultrasound and got to hear my sweet little peanuts heart beat thudding away. 
Nothing is much better than that right?
That moment when things are ok. 
You've heard the heartbeat and you can relax again. 
It's pretty amazing. 
Here I am. 10 weeks:
Quite the belly, huh? 
With this being my 3rd baby I feel like I am bigger each time. 
And since I have no stomach muscles, 
it makes it worse! :) 

Here is what's going on right now:

How far along:  10 weeks

Total weight gain
I didn't get weighed today since it was just an ultrasound. 
But according to my scale, I have not gained anything. 

Some nights more than others. I had just began sleeping on my stomach again and now it's uncomfortable. I am really tired during the day but am not really sleeping much then either.

Maternity Clothes:
Yep. I just had to break down and buy some new maternity jeans this weekend. I had one pair with Tyler, and they were pretty big on me so I got to get some new ones. It's nice to have pants that fit again! 

We are Team green so we will find out in September! 

We have a list going, but nothing concrete! We have way too much time to decide still!

Stretch marks
No new ones.

Best moment this week
Today, hearing this peanuts heart beat! It was amazing.

Too early for that!

Food cravings
Nope. But still having a hard time eating anything without feeling sick.

Labor signs
Not even close.

Belly button - innie or outie: 
It's an innie. I have a really deep belly button and it take a long time to even get  flush. 
I doubt it will ever flip out.

What are you looking forward to this week
I just did it. Today was my exciting day and now I go back to the dr. 
next week for a weight check.

Doing fine. Other than feeling like I am going to throw up at just about all times. 
I know this time around will be like the last. After having Pre-Eclampsia with Zach my Dr. will be watching me like a hawk. And I am okay with that.

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  1. Yeah! Can't wait to enjoy all the updates!! YEAH TEAM GREEN hope it turns out TEAM PINK!!


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