1st haircuts

Sounds like a good idea, right?
And maybe even fun?
Not if you are 1 year old and don't like strangers.
Not even if they put you in a cool train car to get said haircut...

Getting his hair wetted down isn't soo bad. 
Especially when their are toys in front of Tyler!

What she doing over there??? 

I do NOT like this!

Really, this doesn't look bad right? 
That's because this is just the beginning! 
This is before he is screaming his head off!
This is before he was crying so hard he had snot running down his face.
This is before he was pulling away from the lady he didn't want touching him.
This is before mom was holding down his hands and dad was holding his head still.
This was a pretty bad experience....

And to think Travis said it wouldn't be soo bad... hahaha! 
But, you wanna see something cute?

Here is sweet little Tyler back to himself at home.
Who would've known that the little screamer just a half hour ago could be so cute?
This little smile warms my heart! 

PS. Today is my birthday in case you didn't know. 
29..... The end of my twenty's is pretty crazy! 
Next year? 30 and Flirty. Nothing wrong with that. :)

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  1. He sure does look handsome after his haircut!! Maybe next time won't be so bad! Happy Happy Birthday again!! :)


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