Spaghetti and Meatballs

For cub scouts, Zachary and Travis had to make a father/son cake
to be auctioned off to raise money for scouts.

After seeing last years pictures, and all the great cakes they had, 
we were really excited to make something GREAT!

Zach and Travis decided on a pizza cake,
but when I went our shopping for items
I could not find anything that I could make a pepperoni out of! 

I was not very creative and decided on a whim to make a flag.
We Salute the flag at the start of every meeting, so it seemed fitting.

Well, I got home and was not feeling great about my flag decision.
I started looking around online and found Ciao Chow Linda

After looking over the ingredients, I had just about everything to make this cake.
I emailed Trav to get the remaining 2 things I needed.

I did bits and pieces of the cake, but the majority was done by Travis and Zach
and they did a fantastic job!

Last night was the auction and our cake went for the 2nd highest, 
at $41 ! We were pretty excited! 
Everyone thought it was pretty cool! 
And I was pretty impressed with how my guys did!

Here are all the boys and the cakes they made.
The boys all voted on their favorite
and the Angry Birds cake won!
There was an M&M's cake, a bowling lane, a race track, legos, etc. 
Everyone did a fantastic job!


  1. That is an awesome CAKE!! I love it! Good work boys!! :)

  2. That is the coolest cake!!! Yum:)


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