Team Green

I am so excited that this time around we will be TEAM GREEN!!!

I have never been interested in neutral colors for my babies.
I want it to be Blue or Pink.
This time is no different! 

When I was pregnant with Zach, Will and I couldn't afford not to know.
We wanted to do the blue/pink thing and to do that we found out!
It was amazing finding out that we had a baby boy on the way.

With Tyler, both Travis and I thought it would be cool to not find out, 
but with a new house and finally getting to decorate my first nursery, 
I really wanted to know!
And again, we were so excited for another boy! 

So this time, most likely being the last, we decided we really want to wait until 
Trav is looking over the curtain during my c-section, 
and can tell me, "It's a ....." 
I am so excited for this!

Of course it's just as fun waiting until that 20 week appointment
and it's just as surprising, and just as amazing.
But this time around, we are going to wait!
And it's going to be Awesome! 
And exciting! 

I plan to buy the perfect going home outfit for a boy and girl as I find them.
Then shortly before D-Day I will be buying clothes and a few necessities 
for a boy and girl to get me through a few days
until I can do some serious shopping for this little munchkin! 

Realistically, we have basically everything we will need. 
Minus a few essentials, 
So why not wait? 

It's going to be so exciting!!!!  

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