11 weeks!


Being in my 10th week for 2 weeks straight was dreadful!
It felt like a month! 

Not reading new material on what's happening with the baby
but feeling like I am getting bigger by the moment
is a downer. 

But it's a new week! 

How far along:  11 weeks

Total weight gain:
1 1/2 pounds according to my scale

Sleeping pretty good still. And trying to take advantage of it since
pretty soon there will be so much less of it!

Maternity Clothes:
Mainly just jeans but I could use a few new shirts.
Most of my maternity shirts that I have are for when I am bigger

We are Team green so we will find out in September! 

We have a list going, but nothing concrete! We have way too much time to decide still!

Stretch marks
No new ones.

Best moment this week:
Being in a new week!

I don't think so.
I felt something a couple days ago but it might have been my uterus spasming?
(At least I hear this happens?) 
But being a 3rd time mom I think I will know when I really feel it! :)

Food cravings:
Still eating the Cup of noodles. 
A new one for me is lays potato chips and onion dip.
(the Lipton soup kind that you add to a package of sour cream.
Healthy, right?)

Labor signs
Not even close.

Belly button - innie or outie: 
It's an innie. I have a really deep belly button and it take a long time to even get  flush. 
I doubt it will ever flip out.

What are you looking forward to this week
Maybe starting to feel better?

I definitely feel like I am on the up side of feeling awful.
The last couple days have not been terrible, 
which I am pretty happy with! 

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  1. Hey girl! I think I know you form thebump :)
    I, like you, have already moved into my maternity pants! This is my first but serious bloat (distended stomachs from gas) runs in my family so it's no wonder I look like im 16-17 weeks pregnant. Hope you start feeling better soon!


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