Goals update!

Well, the month is at an end and I really didn't get as much done as I would have liked, 
but I did okay. :) 

My goal for February was to complete Tyler's first year album. 

Well... that didn't happen.

The pregnancy bug hit hard this month with not only 
morning sickness, but mid morning, mid day, afternoon, evening and night sickness. 
It's been lovely.
Not only have a felt like crud, but then I have ZERO motivation to do anything what so ever. 

About half way through February I realized getting Tyler's book done was not going to happen. 
I had not even printed the pictures I was going to use, 
much less start a single page. 

So plans changed. 
I already have pictures printed for my Twilight book 
and decided to just go forward with that one.

With only hours to spare, I finished my book yesterday afternoon.
22 quick pages finished off my Twilight scrapbook!

Yay! One more down! 

So for March I am planning to get at least 11 more pages done on my 2011 book
and start updating my friends book. (March-April) 

Hopefully this little peanut that I am carrying aboard will cooperate
and I will have more motivation to get some things done. 

Now more than ever I have to get caught up! 
I can't be so far behind with 3 kiddos to take care of
because let's face it... I'm not super woman! :)

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