Life at home

Life has been busy! 

I feel like things are non stop, whether we are actually on the go
or at home. 

Here are some things we have been doing! 

Tyler loves to dance! 

This is how MOST of my pictures of Tyler look these days! 
It takes about 20 pictures to get a decent one! 

His serious side

Zach taught Tyler to play soccer. So now Tyler kicks the ball all over the house.
He will kick it over to one of us and say, "soccer?"
He has his head in the game! 

Tyler and Jada like to watch out the front window together!

This is one messy eater!

Tyler playing with my Big Shot!
He has that look of, "I am not doing anything wrong!'

My two cheese balls having breakfast!

Tyler and I! Doesn't he look precious in his new hat?

Tyler and I at Grandma's house for Dad's birthday dinner

Dad about to blow out his candles on his cake!

Tyler spending quality time with his great Grandma.
He really loved her more because she let him hold the spoon!

 Getting a good (or decent) picture of these two is pretty much impossible!
So I'll take what I can get!
 Trav blowing out his candles on his cheesecake!

 My family!

Happy Birthday Trav! I sure love you!

Later today I will be posting my belly week. I have a dr appt this morning
so I thought I'd do my update afterwards.

Also, my picture challenge photo won't be happening until later this evening
because it's going to be a hot off the press picture
that hasn't even been taken yet!

And if you managed to make it all the way to the bottom of this post,
this is for you!

So check back often!

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