18 months....

Wow, Tyler is 18 months old! 
What a big boy I have!

I cannot believe how fast this time is flying and that 18 months ago 
we welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our family!

~~Here are some things Tyler is doing at 18 months~~

You *love* playing peek a boo!
Mainly, you love sneaking up on people and yelling Boo at them!
But most of the time we know you are coming because you are laughing before you even say Boo! 

You have 2 molars that have come through recently
and another that is coming through as we speak.
This makes sleep for you difficult because 
your teeth coming in hurt you a lot!

When it's time for diaper changes you fight me the entire way!
My sweet boy that used to tell me when it was time to get changed
now runs the other direction, literally!

If I ask you a question, no matter what it is, 
your answer is,
 It's really cute, especially when you shake your head no at the same time. 

You are loving this warmer weather and getting outside!
We have been going for walks each day 
down to the mail box, and you hold my hand so well as we walk
and don't fight me on it. 
(Which is refreshing after your brother HATED his hand being held!)

You really don't like the grass and when we play outside you will not sit on it.
If you need to sit down you come to me. :)

You love bubbles!
You say, "oh wow" and "wow" over and over and over again
as we blow them for you!

You are finally wearing your hat without pulling it off all the time.
You have a super cute black hat and at first you pulled it right off,
but since I put it on you every single day
you are getting better and leave it on most of the time.

 You recently started saying, "dude"
which is one of the cutest things I have ever heard!

You love to "cuggle" aka cuddle. :)
If I am on the computer you will come to me and say "cuggle?"
As I get up you run to grab a blanket off of the chair and then you run to the couch and climb up.
You usually have your cup and a book waiting.
You are so sweet and I will cuggle with you anytime my little monkey!

You have started doing this thing where you will grab a pillow and plop it on the floor,
then you lay down and prop yourself up on the pillow putting your chin on your hands.
It is SOOO cute! You laugh when you do this and make everyone else laugh as well.
Sadly, I have not gotten a great picture of this because you always get up as soon
as you see the camera coming towards you! 

You have quite the vocabulary.
You repeat everything we say.
Some of your words that are finally clear for everyone to hear are:
Thank you, welcome, milk, dude, toast, daddy (instead of just dada)
hat, shoes, bubbles....

We love you so much Tyler James.
Thank you for being such a sweet little boy
and keeping mommy on her toes!


  1. Awww what a big boy! Happy 18 months!

  2. He's adorable! Happy unbirthday to him. :) My daughter is 18 months today too! #UBP12

  3. Great ! I am very happy after reading your experience with your 18 month baby. He is looking very cute when he laughing. And you also looking nice with your little one.

    hats for baby

  4. Darling pictures, and I love the color scheme of your blog! Thanks for visiting us!

  5. He is SO precious!! Our boys have the same middle name, and mine is just a few months behind yours. He's 14 months. Wow, it's crazy to say that. Time flies. Happy 18 months!!

  6. Coming from Jessica's blog (Young At Heart Mommy). Such a cute little man you have here! They grow up way too fast! I'm following you on twitter and am looking forward to getting to know you and your blog more! :)

  7. Thanks, you guys for all the comments! Tyler sure is a sweet little guy! I am lucky to have him! :) Now I have several new blogs to go check out! Hope you are having a great weekend!


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