Facebook Love

Did you see?

I have new little buttons right over there  ----->

Now you can "like" my Facebook page and get updates
on what's happening on my blog!

You can also get to my Pinterest from right over there too!
Or you can send me an email message! 

The one thing with Facebook is that if you like my page, 
I still can't see your page if it's private.
I don't see the feeds like a normal "personal" page.
(At least I haven't found a way around this)
It makes me a little sad. 
I got rid of my personal fb because I just spent too much time
on it, and I wanted to spend more time on here. 
But that doesn't mean I don't want any updates on whats going
on with my friends. So if you know a way around that,
Please, let me know! :) 

In the mean time, go like my Facebook page, 
and follow me on Pinterest if you are not already!


  1. The button to email you didn't work when I pushed on it???? :(

  2. Uh oh! Thanks for letting me know! I will look into it! :)


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