Oh baby Tyler....

Today was Tyler's 18 month check up.

Have I ever mentioned how he doesn't really like new people?
 Well, it's not that he doesn't like them... He is just really shy 
and he is on high alert around people he doesn't know.

So back to the Dr..... 
Ya, it didn't go so well.

He was not interested in walking into the room to start.
I had to go out into the hallway and get him because he didn't follow me in. 

Then it's time to get him undressed and he definitely knows something is up.
Time to peel off the diaper and get weighed.... diaper time in our house is fight time for Tyler.
Then he started to freak out when the nurse measured his head
and even more when she measured his length...

By this point he is starting to really get upset!
(to say the least!)

Now the nurse leaves the room and he is fine.
We are looking at the airplane picture on the wall and he really likes that. 
And singing Twinkle, Twinkle.
And blowing bubbles on his bare belly and now he's starting to smile again

But then their is a knock on the door....
Instant alert! 

Basically, we went through it all again.
As the Dr. went head to toe Tyler was not okay with it
and not sure why I was going along with all this! 

Tyler was just watching him close as the Dr showed Tyler that he was going to listen to his heart,
then his belly, and look in his ears...
oh no, Tyler was not interested in this guy touching his ears.
Then his nose and Tyler is starting to scream!
We laid him down to look in his mouth and he.is.screaming!

So we get through the rest of the Dr. looking him over. 
He asks me if Tyler is still rear facing? Yes
Whole milk? Yes
waves, says 5-10 words, walks? Yes, Oh Yes, Yes!

Dr. leaves and nurse comes in for one quick shot...
And I'm pretty sure Tyler knows what she is there for.
Is is ready crying!

We lay him down, do the poke 
(which Tyler is now screaming again) 
and then the nurse was out!

Wow..... What a morning!

We got back to the car and Tyler was much better.
Now we are home, Tyler is fast asleep in his bed and this 
mama can relax for a while! 

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