Oh, Hi Zachary! It's your Birthday!

Oh Zachary,

Where do I begin?

10 amazing years I have gotten to call you my son. 
My sweet baby bug. 
I am so lucky to have you in my life.
I am grateful for every second I have you.
I am so grateful that GOD chose me to be your mom.

You have gotten me through more than you will ever know.

10 years ago, you started out like this...
You were actually 2 days old here, which is the very first time I saw you
with my very own eyes.
Before this moment I had only seen a Polaroid picture!

10 years ago you were born 7 weeks early.
You were 3 pounds, 8 oz and 17 inches long.
And you spent a whopping 45 long days in the NICU.

Today though, you look like this...

You are such a handsome young man.
and you are amazing!
You are smart (and a smart @ss) and you are funny.
You are nice, you are kind and (typically) have good manners.

I want you to always remember to be kind,
pay attention to what is going on around you.
Don't forget to keep learning.

There is so much more that I want to teach you
and I look forward to the next 10+ years.

I love you so much baby bug.
We all do. :) 


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  1. Happy Birthday Zach!! What a great post!! He does have excellent manners and he's going to make one lady someday very happy because he's so wonderful to his MOM!! I love his shirt today so HANDSOME!! You've done great and I know you won't stop teaching him wonderful things!! Enjoy today and your baby bug!!


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