Recommend a Book!

I love to read! 
So one of the things on my Day Zero Project list
is to read your recommendations! 

I want YOU to recommend a book to me. 
I am only going to pick ones I haven't read,
so if your suggestion is one I've read, no biggie, I will just say so!

I don't necessarily have a time limit I want to do this in. 
I have a few books on my personal list too, so hopefully I can kill two 
birds with one stone with a few of these! 
I read mainly at night before bed, unless it's one I can't put down 
then I try to get up early to read, and read during Tyler's nap
and read whenever I get a second until I can finish!

So here is the deal. 
I am going to pick 20 books. 
Read one and tell you what I think of it. 

Please make it a good one. 
If you didn't like it, don't recommend it! :) 

Let's hear it....What book should I read?


  1. Bloom by Kelle Hampton

    I read it in a half day… Check out Kelle's blog too (if you haven't): Enjoying the Small Things @

  2. Have you read Divergent? I just read's really good and very similar to The Hunger Games!

  3. Thanks! I have not read either of those and will put them om my list! Natalie- I just read The Hunger Games last week and loved it so I am looking forward to reading this one! :)


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