Swag Bucks

I have not talked about Swag bucks in a long time
so I thought I'd bring it up again!

Because really, who doesn't want free gift cards?

Since I started using Swag bucks in December 2010 
I have earned 8,876 swag bucks!
Which has bought me $95 in gift cards to Amazon.com!

Now, people might say, "well you stay at home"
This had NOTHING to do with it! 
I have installed the Swagbucks tool bar on my computer
so just for turning on my computer each day I earn 1 swag buck.

Then for using the tool bar as my search engine I get random amounts. 
You don't get swagbucks every time you search. 
It's really probably every 8-10 times you search something. 
But I typically get anywhere from 7-50 for searching.

Then when I remember I go to the earn tab and do the Daily poll and get 1 buck.
(I remember to do this about once every 2-3 weeks! See all the bucks I am missing right there??)

Then I "like" swagcodez on Facebook and they post to my wall when a code is
out there to claim. Those have expiration times so you have to be quick. 
I miss them frequently especially now that I got rid of my FB and have to log into Trav's 
once in a while to look for a code... I think you can get a text for these... 
I'd better look into that right now actually!

Right this moment I have 255 swag bucks. And have been accumulating these
since March 20th. As soon as I hit 450 bucks, I head to the "Swag store" and 
buy myself and Amazon.com gift card. 
I hope I will have another by the end of next week! 

This is a very simple process and you can do as little (like I do)
or as much as you want to. 
There are so many ways to earn bucks but I am not interested in spending my entire day
on my computer earning swagbucks!

If you have questions about Swag bucks, email me or comment and I will do my best to answer your questions, or find someone to answer your questions!

And if you have not joined swagbucks, 
Click on my swagbucks link on the right side of my blog
for more information and to get signed up!


  1. I love swag bucks! I just used my points to buy Matt a $10.00 egift card to Domino's, he's going to be so excited when I give it to him!! :) I forget all the time to do them but lately I have been working hard on remembering. I hope one day to get a whole bunch and use them for fun things!! FREE is the way to go!! :)

  2. Ya, it really is great! I signed up for text messages for when codes are available so I can get online and enter them! So much easier than watching FB all the time! :)

  3. I should sign up for that!! I will do that right now!! Got my codes for today so I am in the positive! :) Have a great weekend!


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