I guess it's my own fault...

I mean, I did put it in writing, right?

Even though I said that timeline you see a couple of posts down 
is a *typical* day, Tyler just has to prove his mama wrong!

This is how today has gone.

6:30 am, me snoozing away, awakened by Tyler yelling through the baby monitor.
Greeeeaaat.... It's going to be one of those days...
After checking that everything was okay, and he was just mad, 
and made a mad dash for the shower.

So before 7 am Tyler was up and had breakfast.
Then Zachary got up, got off to school as normal.
Tyler and I were busy playing when suddenly, Tyler hopped up and told me,
"night, night" and headed for his room. 

Okay, it's only 9:45 but I'll lay you down.
I came out and started doing things on my computer and managed to get through an 
hour and a half before Tyler was chattering in his room.

I let him play in there for a bit then got him up and we made sandwiches.

Then, since he was in such a happy, cheese ball mood, I thought I'd snap a picture or two of us.


This little munchkin was having the best time posing while I snapped away
and got a ton of cute pictures of just him as well. 

Then he wants to see them, of course, and tells me,
"Oh cute"

So after lunch he played with his blocks for about 15 minutes, 
got a clean diaper and he is tucked back into his bed, 
hopefully for another 1 and a half hours! 


  1. Cute pictures!! He looks like you I think :)
    Every day is different isn't it, you can never predict!
    Hope you had a great day Kate :)


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