Mother's Intuition

I have two boys.
While I was pregnant with each of them I was sure they were going to be boys...
And right I was. (I mean, I had a 50/50 chance, right?)

This time, even though we are Team Green, I still have that "feeling" of what this baby will be.
Another boy. 

Am I happy about this? 

But really, we'll find out come September! 

Here are a couple of facts. 
I really only know of 4 people that are pregnant right now.

2 of those ladies have 3 boys each, and are pregnant with their 4th boy....
One person has 2 boys and is pregnant with her 3rd boy.
The other has one boy and is pregnant with a boy. 

I have two boys.... See where I am going with this?

I have several online communities that I am linked up with 
and I will say that most of them are in the following situation:
If they have a boy already, they are pregnant with another boy.
If they have a girl already, they are pregnant with a girl.

While I would love to have a little girl to wrap up our family,
a boy will complete us in just the same way.

Guess we'll  find out on September 17th, 
because that is the day my c-section was just scheduled for!!


  1. I knew all along that Pete was going to be a boy, I'm not sure a girl could pull off the name Peter. 3 boys would be awesome, my mum's best friend has 5 boys and then she had a little girl not long ago. I love that you don't have a preference :) x

  2. Sept 17th is a great day for a birthday, I know from experience. No matter what gender. :)

  3. That is so exciting to now know the date!! Kinda weird too don't you think because you know exactly when the baby's birthday will be, no guessing (unless baby comes early).
    I had two c-sections, and I loved knowing!
    And I have a girl then two boys :)

  4. Boys are so much fun! I have to say that I want more boys in the future! I love how moms have intuition about weather they are having a boy or girl. I found that I was second guessing myself when I was pregnant because so many people try to change your mind for some reason! Oh well. Did you wait to find out the gender with your other two pregnancies?

    Also thank you for linking up to the West Coast Blog Hop! :) xo Katlyn

  5. But wouldn't it be so exciting if you had a girl?? You would be so surprised!
    Thanks for linking up on the WCBH!!


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