Scrappy Goals

April Scmaypril!

April was a big fat fail!

My goal for April was simple:
Do 11 pages in my 2011 book and
finish my friends book- which is maybe about 10-15 pages left.

This is what I got done: 4 pages for my 2011 book 
and 1 or 2 for my friends book. 

I know it's better than nothing
but it just means more work for this month.

As far as my "friends" book goes. 
I'm throwing in the towel. I don't plan to work on it the rest of the year.
If the time comes that I am caught up, I will work on it then.
There is something about looking at those pictures, 
that leaves me with zero motivation... for several reasons.

So for May my goal is to get 20 pages done for my 2011 book.
And to start my wedding album! 
YAY! I am excited to start my wedding album.... it's only been 2 years! :) 

So that's that! I guess I'd better get to work sorting wedding pictures! :)

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