My little Monkey

This is what Tyler is up to:

A few mornings ago you were sitting on the couch, with your big ol' toy right in your lap.
You are playing away, and happy. :)

You count 1, 2 and then jump on brothers bean bag.
You laugh so hard, which makes me laugh so hard.

You make a lot of animal noises, but the one you have seemed to pick up best,
a turkey.... It's so funny listening to you impersonate a turkey.
Other than that, you roar like a lion for almost every animal. :)

These days you love to give "squeezes". (And I love to get squeezes) 

You love the neighbor girl more than anyone, I'm pretty sure.
You sit at the front window, watching for her and saying her name:)
(but then you are so shy when we go see her)

You say, "I you" to tell me that you love me.
It's one of the sweetest things I've ever heard!

You love to read so much. I think we do that more than anything.
Looks like I'm going to have another book worm on my hands, and that's perfectly okay!

You are staying interested in the potty chair, and go almost everyday at least once,
but you just can't make it a regular thing yet. 

You put your hand under your chin and give a little pose.
I'm lucky if I can catch one of these because you don't typically
do it for the camera, and when I do get one, it's usually blurry!

Tyler, you are almost 20 months old.
I have no idea where the time went but
I love every second I have with you.


  1. I just got Emily that toy this weekend, she loves music and she enjoys the colors! She isn't quite pushing it but she loves to stand on it!!! He is adorable and I love his little face!! Give him a squeeze from Shanny!!

  2. Ya, we got it for Tyler for Christmas and he could have cared less for a good month or so after! But now he pushes it, and pulls it everywhere. (obviously, since he has it on the couch even!)

  3. He's adorable :)
    I just love that last picture!!!! He def looks like his momma!

  4. He is so precious! I love the pose with his hands by his face.


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