The boys

I complained to Zachary this morning that I hardly have pictures of him
anymore because at this age, he is so anti picture.

Usually when I try to take pictures of him he makes an extremely cheeseball face,
his eyes are usually closed, or he doesn't smile at all.

I don't need every picture to be perfectly posed, 
but a nice smile would be good. 

So he decided that he'd let me take some pictures....
so nice of him, right? 
(gotta love 10 year old attitude! NOT!)

Anyway, I did manage to get some cute pictures of Zachary and Tyler....

 My sweet boys! 

Tyler loves to say cheese, but you have to snap quick because the smile fades fast! 

Today is actually beautiful out and we are going to set up our little pool we got the other day.
And water the shrubs and enjoy the sunshine! 
Have a great day everyone! :) 


  1. That last picture is just too sweet! I'm glad your big man let you take some nice pictures of him with his little brother. :)

  2. Super cute pics! Love the super CHEESe tyler face! Hope you enjoy the sun! My sister is taking the girls to the library so Olivia was super stoked! Hope we can run into each other again soon!! Love ya

  3. Very nice, he gave a good, genuine smile! My daughter tends to over-pose so I try to catch her candid!

  4. What beautiful little sweeties you have!

  5. Fantastic photos! Your boys are adorable! ^_^

  6. How cute! My youngest loves to say cheese too!

  7. What cuties! New follower from GFC hop!


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