Welcome to Summer, Zachary!

Well, the last 24 hours of school hasn't really gone as Zach would have liked,
but it'll do....

Zachary rides his bike to and from school everyday 
and yesterday I get a call about the time he should be home.
It's the crossing guard telling me that Zachary was in a bike accident, 
but is okay. 
And he wants to talk to me.

Zach gets on the phone, and tells me he is okay,
but he can't ride home the rest of the way. 
I say that's fine, I will come and get him. 
He tells me that the neighbor stopped and she can bring him home, 
so I say okay. 

So a moment later they pull up. 
Thank goodness for my neighbor who happened to be behind him
and got there right after it happened. And she was so helpful to bring him home. 
She had loaded his bike in her car and packed him in!

Zachary said that what happened was he was coming down the road, and there 
was a boy who was cutting through the field, and they were meeting up 
at the same time. They both said to the other to go ahead and go,
and then they both went! So the other kids front tire on his bike
his Zachary's back tire and made him crash. 
The other kid stopped to see if he was okay, and then left once the adults came over.

So it really was an accident! 
Once I got Zach upstairs and into the bathroom I started to clean up his wound.
It was gross! It was really bleeding, and deep, with a bunch of junk in it!
I was thinking it might need stitches, but I've never seen a wound before it needed stitches, 
so I thought I'd see when the hubs got home.

Travis got home and my parents came over for dinner,
they all said it would need stitches... Great.... and we just sat at home all afternoon...
So by the time we got around to going to Minor emergency, they were closed!
Travis called our insurance nurse line and they said to just take him in the morning, 
but typically stitches in that area need to be done within 8-12 hours to avoid infection.

This morning we got up bright and early and headed to minor emergency.
They cleaned it more, (there was still a lot of wood and dirt that had come up over night, 
even after me washing it this morning.) And the Dr. said it could use stitches,
but after 12 hours their is too much risk for infection and we'd just need to let it close on its own. 

So they bandaged him up and off we went! 
I dropped him off for his last couple hours of school-

And now it's Summertime! 

PS. This picture isn't the greatest. But it's what I've got!
That black line in the middle is a chunk of wood. 
It's a little hard to tell, but it's split in a V. It's going to leave a good scar, 
that's for sure.


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