What keeps you from getting your best night's sleep?

What keeps you from getting your best night's sleep? 

We all have things that keep us from getting a great night's sleep, right?
Maybe it's letting your brain get the best of you while you think about tomorrow's meeting.
Or maybe you are concerned about one of your kids being sick,
 or if you are like me, maybe it's having a
toddler with a random sleep schedule and being uncomfortably pregnant!

Lately, Tyler crashes by around 8 pm, which is early, I know! 
But like most people, I want to get the house cleaned up,
get Zachary off to bed and want to relax myself, before heading to bed.

It definitely does not help that I'm a night owl and an early riser.
That's never a good combination! 
I love spending the time after the kids go to bed with the hubs
or catching up on my blog, or watching whatever reality tv show
that I'm loving at that point. 

Then who does this? I go get in bed because I'm tired, 
but instead of sleeping, I pick up the book that is on my night stand and say I'm just going to 
read one chapter.... a few chapters later I am still reading, and it's now 
after midnight! For real? Tyler is going to be up in 6 hours!
So I'll just read one more chapter! 
Then finally, the lamp is shut off and and I prop myself up with my body pillow
and lay there because I'm thinking about my book, or what we have to do tomorrow, 
or names for this nameless baby. 

I look at the clock: 12:46 am. 
If I go to sleep right now, I can get 6 hours 14 minutes of sleep before my alarm goes off.
(Unless of course Tyler wakes up before, which is likely)
I lay there some more.
12:59 am.
If I go to sleep now I can get 6 hours, one minute...
Grrrr... Stop looking at the clock, Kate! 

1:15am..... You know the drill! 
At some point I finally fall asleep.

If I manage to make it until my alarm goes off, 
these days I'd consider myself lucky!
But since Tyler has been waking up between 5:30 and 6:30 just about every morning
I don't think that will happen! 

I have about 83 days of pregnancy (or less) left.
Will I get a good night's sleep then?
Lets hope so! (But I won't be holding my breath!)

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 I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All the opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. At the end of both my pregnancies that is what made me most miserable - lack of sleep at night. I'm typically a GREAT sleeper and will sleep thru everything, but when I'm in my 3rd trimesters, count that out!

    HIDE YOUR CLOCK!! lol In my psych studies, I learned that watching the clock and counting down how long til you must get up will in fact, prohibit you from allowing your body to get into a deep sleep. True Story!! :)

    Here's to a good nights sleep!

  2. I am the same. It's 3.22am in New Zealand and I just got up because I had a really horrible dream. I'm going to stay up longer and read some posts and hopefully go back to sleep and have a happy dream :)

  3. I hear you! I never get enough sleep! Early riser, late nights online or reading.....

  4. I am guilty of reading past the point where in dead tired. It's an exhausting addiction. My daughter still wakes up during the night too so in order to feel rested I need to be asleep by 1030. Cue midnight! Definitely need to get better about my bedtime.


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