Friday Letters

Linking up with Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds for another Friday Letters


Dear Friday, thanks for getting here so fast again! It helped that the hubs just had a quick 3 day week. Dear Hubs, I am so thankful for all you do for our family. You work so hard and it was nice to have a day to play and be silly at Silverwood this week. Dear Zachary and Tyler, I love you two soo soo much and I can't wait for your little brother or sister to join us and see how you guys react and do with them. You will both be such great big brothers! Dear Parents, please be careful with my car this weekend as you take it on a little mini vaca. I know you will, but because in a couple of months this will be the only vehicle that can transport our bigger family, I'm nervous. Dear corn on the cob, I love you! Dear Baby in my belly, I love when you have hiccups. This is the first pregnancy that I have felt hiccups and it's too sweet. I am getting so excited to know if you are a boy or girl and to know if I will be using these headbands that I have been making, or the ties that I plan to make. I can't wait to take lots of pictures of your tiny little fingers and toes. Dear Silverwood, Thank you for having so many activities to keep everyone in my family happy and busy. We had so much fun playing in your pool, going down your water slides and riding your rides.... And eating your monstrous huckleberry ice cream cone!


  1. I heart corn on the cob too! Found your blog through Friday Letters - love it :)

  2. very cute blog!
    found it on Friday Letters link up!

    New follower :)


  3. Visiting from the link up. Love your blog, so darling and now I am a new follower!


  4. When did you go to Silverwood?? Jealous! And the huckleberry ice cream sounds amazing!! Have a great weekend.


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