Silverwood Theme Park

This last week while Travis had taken a couple of days vacation from work, 
we headed to Silverwood Theme park for the day.

We planned to be there at 11 when they opened, but their was an 
accident on the highway and we didn't get there until almost 12:30! 

Once we got there, we headed straight to the water park to cool off! 
The day we chose was not terribly hot, but it was about 85 which made for a great
day to be in the pool! 

They have two great areas for toddlers- And Tyler loved it so much!
He is such a water baby and I'm glad he enjoys it!
The day before Zach mentioned that we were going to go swimming and 
until we were in the water, that was all Tyler talked about-- swimming! 

Tyler and Dad ready to play!

Love my family!

Tyler was super fascinated with this fountain

Then he discovered the slides!
I cannot even count how many times Travis and I took him down the slides!

Catching Zach before he headed back to the bigger kid area and slides

A side view of one of the areas. The {huge} bucket on top fills up
and then dumps over on everyone below! The kids all know right where to stand
to get dumped on!

Zachary coming down one of the slides

Zachary coming down one of the huge slides he said he'd never go down!

Travis' turn to make his way down

The big tube is the one they both went down. Zach said he just couldn't do one of the others!

This area they call "toddler springs" and it's a great place for the little ones to run around!
Tyler loved it!

My guys... of course 2/3 are not looking

Tyler having fun at Toddler Springs!

Zachary enjoying the water fountain in Toddler Springs

Dad and Tyler sharing a moment before Tyler runs off again

Tyler loved this little fountain! It was just his size!

Now that we are done playing in the waterpark Tyler crashed!

The "two scoop" Huckleberry ice cream cone I got for us to share. Too bad the boys were on a ride for the first half of this cone! I sure enjoyed it!

Tyler is awake and cheerful!

We really had a great day and I love going to Silverwood. I look forward to heading back next summer!


  1. How fun! I grew up near Coeur d'Alene, ID, but haven't been to Silverwood since the water park part was put in. Looks like a blast!!!

  2. What a fun blog!!! so glad I found you via the hop!

  3. That looks like SUCH a fun waterpark. Totally looks like you guys had a blast :)

  4. Water theme parks are great for summer season because they offer the most refreshing vacation. We should take our families with us when we ought to go.


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