33 week bumpdate!

How far along: 33 weeks!

Total weight gain: Still at 19 pounds

Sleep: Pretty good given the size of this belly!

Gender: We are Team Green, So we'll find out in September!

Names: They are picked but we are keeping them to ourselves for now!

Stretch marks: Yep, a couple little ones added onto old ones

Best moment this week: Seeing Zachary yesterday.
He'd been gone to a friends cabin for the weekend and I missed him like crazy.
Also being at a surprise party for my BFF. It was great to see her surprised!

Movement: So much. The movements are getting stronger by the day and while I love it
some of them are painful!

Food cravings: milk shakes and corn on the cob. I can't get enough of either

Labor signs:
Nope. Not even Braxton Hicks that I've noticed

Belly button - innie or outie: It's in

What are you looking forward to this week: Starting to do some shopping for this little one!
We are finally within the return period for most stores and since I will be shopping for both boy and 
girl and need to be able to return whichever we don't need.

Health: Besides tiring easily, and I am feeling pretty good. My belly is getting heavy, and feet are tired
but everything is going as expected, so that is great.

Next appointment: 8/17

Just for fun, 33 weeks with Tyler:



  1. look at that belly! I love it :)
    I've been having braxton hicks for a while... lucky you for not having to deal with them :)

  2. Cute dress!! Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower and visiting from the GFC blog hop!
    Hope you are having a good day!

  3. you look great, and awesome dress. i'm totally envious that you don't even have braxton hicks ... they are come on strong and fast for me these days. almost there. :)

  4. Maybe it's just the outfit, but it looks like you were bigger with Tyler than you are now. Idk :)


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