Blog Angels (Half way) Link up!

So today is the half way point. For 15 days I have been a "blog angel" to someone,
and someone has been a blog angel to me.


To this point, I have not found it easy to be an "angel". My person has had very little activity so far and that makes it difficult for me to know what to do. I already follow this persons blog, pinterest, facebook, etc. so there was nothing new for me to follow.  I comment occasionally on this persons posts, and with the little that is out there for August, it's just been plain hard! I am hoping the 2nd half of August picks up and their is more to work with!

As far as who has me, I can surely take a guess because I don't get a ton of comments anyway, so I notice when new people come around. If that is the case, that's great because I love to find new blogs to read! But I sure look forward to the 2nd half of August and seeing what is in store for my Angel, and from my angel!


  1. Hello fellow blog angel! Love your site! :) Happy Wednesday!

  2. I'm right there with ya. It's hard when the blogger isn't present, but like you, hopefully things will pick up the second part of the month!

  3. Hi from a fellow blog angel. Hopefully things pick up for you in the second half of the month.

  4. It is quite hard when someone's blog slows down - I guess you have had a more 'relaxed' start to the project! I am sure that she has enjoyed any of your comments.

    I will be interested to see if who you thought was your blog angel turns out to might have been hoodwinked!

    I hope you'll give it another go in October - every experience is slightly different!

    Rosie xx


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