38 week bumpdate!

How far along: 38 weeks!

Total weight gain: 24 pounds

Sleep: Mostly okay, considering I can't get comfortable!

Gender: We are Team Green, So we'll find out in just one week! 

Names: One boy name and One girl name are picked!

Stretch marks: Yep

Best moment this week: Zachary starting 5th grade, dinner brought over by my
parents for the 3rd week in a row, knowing this baby is going to be here so soon!

Movement: Yes, lots of movement still and it's so painful
(but I will miss it so so much!)

Food cravings: banana bread- I have ate a lot of it this last week!

Labor signs: I have definitely been having contractions, but
they have not been regular

Belly button - innie or outie: it's just about flat

What are you looking forward to this week: This is my very last week of being pregnant,
EVER AGAIN! I am really hoping to enjoy it as much as I can, and just take it all in 
because I know I will miss it all too soon!

Health: I am tired, my hips and pelvis ache, my lower back aches, my tail bone aches,
but baby is moving like they should be, and my blood pressure is normal, I am not swelling,
so right now I am counting my blessings.


  1. ONLY 24 lbs!! thats amazing. you go girl. i was at 57, 65 and 70 lbs with my 3 kids. haha. i was enormous!! so excited for you!

  2. You look adorable! Congratulations! I am your newest follower, excited to read more! Come follow along http://sjdmiller.blogspot.com :)


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