DIY pom poms

I found these pom poms on Pinterest, and knew I wanted to use them in Tyler's room
Pinterest took me to this tutorial that gave me exactly what I needed: easy directions! 
After looking over what I needed to make them, I ordered the paper lanterns from Luna Bazaar and then I headed to Joann's to get some fabric. I just purchased a basic thin cotton fabric. I think it was around $2 per yard on sale.
-- Here is what you need: one 10" lantern and two 6" lanterns
(the original tutorial called for a 9", but it only came in 8 or 10 at Luna Bazaar) 
-- 3 yards of fabric for each 10" lantern and 2 yards for each 6" lantern
-- Glue gun
-- ribbon to hang pom poms
She also suggests a long weekend to work on this, but I'll tell you what, 
I could only handle so much at a time and I don't think I could have done this in a weekend!

As instructed, I printed out 3 and 4 inch circles and traced them onto card board to use as my templates,
then traced circles onto my fabric, putting them as close together as possible to make as many as I could.

For the 10" lantern I used 155 circles (4 inch)
and 130 circles for each of the 6" inch lanterns (3 inch circles)
I will also say this: after doing two of the smaller lanterns with 3 inch circles, I really didn't like 
using the 4 inch circles on the bigger pom. I plan to make these for baby #3 and I will use 3 inch circles on all of my poms poms. I personally thought it looked better.

Here is a few circles to get my party started!

Start with your paper lantern

Take a circle and put a small dab of hot glue right in the middle

then fold in half

Now put another dot and fold in half again

It should look like this 

Now you are going to start putting them on your lantern

Make sure you are putting them at all different angles to cover all of the lantern

And the final result? They finally just went up and Tyler thinks they are pretty cool! 

I am really happy with how they turned out! And I can't wait to make some for baby #3


  1. These are really cute! I will be definitely be pinning this to make these for my kids rooms some day! So easy too.

  2. Oh my goodness I love the green one! :) Such a great idea, maybe I'll do this to my girls room. I just need to find lanterns first.

  3. I love these! Pinning now and sharing on my Facebook page :o)

    Thanks for partying with us this week @ Keep Calm & Link Up! We're thrilled you chose to party with us :o)
    xo, Meredith @

  4. Great idea to use those lanterns! Love the colors you picked. Awesome!

  5. Girrrrrrrrrrl, you've got skills!


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