Yay for "Change"

Quite some time ago (March) I wrote THIS post about my "boyfriend" coming to town...
You remember? 

Well today? Today, my friends, I have good news.
I just went to browse Rascal Flatts website and was checking out their tour dates, 
and you know what is NOT listed? 
A Spokane, Washington concert!!! 

Now normally, this would not be good news...
But today, this is very good news!

I was hoping to see them for the 11th time, 
Hey, maybe I'd even get to meet them again! 

But their was a conflict.... I'm having a c-section just 4 days before the concert...

Of course I'd rather be cuddling my little baby than sitting at a concert any day!
But I was a bit bummed that I was not going to be sitting there singing to my hearts content.
Now Rascal Flatts.... I expect to see you in 2013.... 


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