Birthday Day

Tyler's birthday day was great. 
We stayed home and played, read stories, napped...
Actually, Tyler napped and I put up decorations for his party, 
and made his cake for that evening. 
Here is how our evening looked:
We had some yummy pizza for dinner, then cake- rainbow chip.
You can see that he is unsure of what his dad is doing, 
but then he looks at his brother, and realizing that this is pretty cool!
Then he is just taking in the moment as we sing Happy Birthday,
and finally, he blew out the candle like an old pro! 

After we got cleaned up, then it was present time. He seemed to know just what to do! 
He got some great things from us, and his Grandpa
and last, a couple of quick pictures with mom before bed :)
Tyler kept walking around all day saying, "Happy birthday party!"
and everytime I would ask him how old he was he would say, "three"
while holding up four fingers! But by the afternoon he would tell me he was two!
I'm pretty sure this little guy had a great day!

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  1. How sweet! Happy Birthday to Tyler. :) My youngest will be 3 on Thursday. They are so cute when they are this age when they are starting to understand what's going on around them and able to have such joy in these celebrations. Tyler's cake looks so good. :)


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