The first 2 weeks of Summer...In pictures

Zachary holding Summer

 My 4 favorite people

My sweet Summer girl deciding to take a peek 
It's safe to say that this boy LOVES his baby sister

Me and my Summer girl.... 

Tyler loving his sister

Tyler says to Summer, "hi baby sister"

Summer getting ready to take her first ride! I guess she isn't that happy about it! 
Home and cuddled in her blanket... This is sorta like looking at my baby picture :)
Zach stealing a moment with Summer

Getting a few minutes of cuddle time in before he had to go to school.  Tyler likes to give loves too!

Her first Dr. appt. Her weight was 7lbs 6 oz. Up 5 oz from her hospital discharge weight

My sweet girl

Some cuddle time with mom. Get used to this camera, girlfriend! 

Tyler getting in his time too! 

He loves to give her kisses
At Summer's 2 week appt she was up to 7lbs, 14 oz and 21 and 3/4 in. long.
Her belly button cord fell off on day 8. 

The first few days Summer liked to be awake from about 10 pm to 2:30 am. 

But things have since gotten better and she typically goes to bed around 10-11 and 
sleeps until 3-4 and then she eats, gets clean pants and goes back to bed until about 7-8.
It's actually REALLY nice. I am getting pretty decent sleep most nights and
I really can't complain. 

We are breastfeeding on demand and she is getting to be a great eater. 
The first 1 or so was a little rough, but there will be more on that to come. 

Being a mom to three is amazing....

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