The best of 2012

What an amazing year we are finishing up.

We started off the year finding out that I was pregnant.
Coming off of a recent miscarriage,  I was beyond excited,
but nervous and I didn't want to get my hopes up.
But anyone who knows me, knows that's impossible. 

The next 8 months flew by-
We celebrated mine and then Travis' birthday,
then Zachary's first double digit birthday!
A fabulously warm summer
Tyler's 2nd birthday
and a flawless pregnancy. 

Our big excitement came September 17th.
We went to the hospital that morning for my scheduled c-section
anticipating our babies arrival. 
Since we never found out what we were having, this was it! 

At 12:51 pm, our beautiful little Summer Lucille was born.
She was perfection
She weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces and was 21 inches long. 

I was lucky enough to have Travis at home with me for the next month while I got back on my feet, 
and into a routine with having three kids! 

The past three months have been amazing. 
Zachary is loving the 5th grade, his teacher and learning so many new things.
He is so smart and doing so good in school.
He loves spending time with his friends, and playing his 3DS. 

Tyler has been working hard to get potty trained. 
He uses his potty chair multiple times per day, and I'm hoping we will get him into training pants
as soon as we get into the new year, and get him out of diapers! 
He is such a bright boy and loves to read. He is doing great at counting and getting down his ABC's

Summer is absolutely amazing. 
She smiles so much, she sleeps (pretty) great and is just such a good baby!
She loves her swing, her big brothers and can really light up a room with her smile!

Travis and I are great. He works so hard so that I can stay home to raise our kids. I am so grateful every single day for him and the life we have made together. I love this man more every day, if that is even possible! I love that we are now a family of five. It feels like we are really complete and I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us.

This is our Christmas card that I made
Unfortunately -- half of my words got cut off, and Tyler got cut off at print!
So I'm hoping to have a new one in the mail soon.
In the mean time,

Merry Christmas and a 
Happy New year, from my family, to yours


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