Weigh in Wednesday link up! Week 2

It's Weigh in Wednesday again and I am checking in! 
This past week I've been doing these exercises: 

Can I just say that having a flabby stomach and jumping jacks don't mix? But I'm doing them, and Tyler is attempting to do them too, so that's been fun! I have also been doing some push ups, and have increased my water tremendously! I'm peeing a lot, but I know it's good for me! 

I only drank one soda this week which I feel pretty good about! And my weight is still exactly the same. 

Grab a button over on the side and link up! 

What are you doing to get moving?



  1. Thanks for sharing. I really want to reduce my weight and especially belly fat. I tried so much of exercises and went through different types of diet plans, but couldn’t get a result. When I see this list I have a positive feeling. So I’m in hurry to try this out.

  2. Way to go Kate!! Sounds like you've got a great JUMP on this! I know we both will see weight loss next week! Keep on it! What's your goal this week?? I can only picture Tyler doing jumping jacks, may have to ask him to show me next time I see him! Good Luck this week, YOU ARE DOING GREAT!


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