My night with Rascal Flatts

I've shared this picture with you more times than necessary, 
but it's from when I met Rascal Flatts back in 2009. 

I have loved Rascal Flatts from the moment they came on scene and I saw them open for JoDee Messina in 2000. I have seen them 11 times now and was so grateful in 2009 when I got to do a meet and greet with them. (Even though it lasted only a few minutes) 

Last summer I heard they were going to be in town. You might remember me talking about it here. But then the show was cancelled and I felt like it was my lucky day! It was rescheduled for January and I had to go!

I didn't even care that we bought the cheapest nose bleed seats they had, because I just wanted to be there. 

But then something pretty cool happened....

We were originally in the very back of the Arena, in the very back row. You couldn't have gotten any further away. I wasn't really paying that much attention to the opener, I was doing my norm: people watching. 
I spotted a man in a button down shirt and slacks in the section over from us talking to people and pointing down by the stage. I told Travis that I think that guy is giving out closer seats. I thought I should go ask. 
Travis thought our seats were fine, but I kept watching this guy handing out more and more tickets. Finally I told Travis I was going to ask! Couldn't hurt, right?

So I ran over and talked to him. I asked if he was giving out close tickets and he said Yes! He asked where we were and I showed him my tickets, and he handed me three tickets and pointed to our new section!

I was now super pumped that we were going to be right next to the stage! When we sat in our new seats, this is what I saw.

We were now 10 rows back! We brought Zachary along and we were so excited! He thought it was pretty cool that he was about to see RF up so close! 

((My boyfriend right up close))

It's been years since they were in Spokane last.... Fingers are crossed that they will come back sooner!

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  1. FUN!! That's so awesome that you guys were able to move so much closer :)


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