Lately, I feel like I can't sit down and write out a post for the life of me. 

I have 23 drafts and can't seem to finish one of them. Not that I'm not trying. I feel like I have so much to say, but can't seem to spit it out! I know that a lot of bloggers go through this at some point or another, and I guess it's my turn. 

I'm lacking motivation for multiple reasons. 

First off, my family. Being a mom of three keeps me BUSY! Zach has school activities that he's always involved in, and home work and fun projects around the house that keep him and me always going. Tyler is just a busy kid! He is into everything and of course needs help doing it. We are in full swing potty training and that keeps a parent busy all the time! And Summer is rolling around the house, she is teething and separation anxiety seems to be kicking in. She loves to be held, especially by Mama. Throw in cleaning, making dinner and trying to have a few seconds with my husband and that's my day! 

Second, probably 3/4 of my drafts, as they've sat in the folder, have came across my screen written by someone else! How many times do you want to read about "no reply bloggers"? Well, it'll probably still happen, so I hope you'll want to read one more. 

And last, my stats. I have a problem with watching my stats. Really, I should just not pay attention to them, and I should write. But watching my followers sit at the same number for weeks is a little disappointing. More disappointing is watching it go up one, down 3. Up one, down two. Up two, down two, etc. I get more comments from spammers than anything else.  

Do you ever get discouraged? Lose your motivation? What gets you going again?

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  1. I can't even imagine trying to raise 3 kids and be blogging! I have a hard enough time with one! And with stats, I can relate to that to. I felt liked was blogging and no one found it interesting enough to comment. That's when I made the decision to stop sharing photos of Claire. It hard sometimes but you have to know that I love your blog :) I just wish I Gina's the time & energy to make all the recipes you share! I'm dying to understand the whole no-reply blogger, so I'm definitely looking forward to that post!!


  3. Hi ,
    I started my blogging with a big exitment , but buy now i only want to do it private , as a child growing diary .
    I would not have a clue what to write .
    You know , just a advice , if you would return with more about your family , and more pictures about the kids , yourselvs , that would be cool , because honestly all this advertisement , and tried products to make money , just turning the readers off , but i understand you want to make money .:)i am really sorry , if i was honest .

  4. Sadly, I know what you mean...I haven't posted since December. Sigh. -_-


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