Summer @ 6 months!

My little Miss is 6 months old!

Her first tooth popped through on 3/11.... a tooth before she was officially 6 months old!
She had been pretty fussy in the days leading up, and chewing even more than normal... Which is a lot! And I could see a white line under her gums and also that her gums were starting to split. So I knew it was coming! I was glad that it finally popped through on Monday night, thinking she'd feel a little better but the next day she was crabby and not very interested in sleeping.  I thought that was crazy enough, but Friday her SECOND tooth popped through! Yep, two teeth!

Other than that, here's what's been going on!

You are wearing size 3 diapers, which are pretty big but the twos were getting snug.
You are wearing all 3-6 months clothes, and those too are big around but fit your length.
You weigh approximately 15 pounds. But we'll verify that at the Dr. this next week.

 Your bald spot on the back of your head is starting to fill in now that you enjoy being on your belly.
You roll all over the place.
You love your Sophie teether and always keep her close by.

You play peek a boo which is about the sweetest little thing. But you pull your blanket up and then down real fast to see my reaction.

You sit up just fine with the Boppy behind you but most of the time you still need a little support. You've done a couple of face plants when you've been sitting on your own! 

I can't believe how fast you are growing! Soon you are going to be all over the place and I can't wait!

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  1. I've been trying to comment on this post since you wrote it!! First off, she's a doll baby! Dying over her head of hair! I'm seriously convicted she is your mini-me ;) she looks so much like her momma! Claire had that same outfit for st. Patty's day :) happy belated 6 months Summer!


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