The day I got my Erin Condren Planner

A couple of years ago I came across these Erin Condren planners and I basically thought they were amazing. And then I saw the price.... $50.... for a planner....

I pretty much knew at that point that I'd never have one.

Fast forward to today, I got one in the mail! Talk about an exciting day!

You want to know how I got one? Well, you've heard me talk before about Resolutions in Motion, right?
You pick a resolution and you put it in motion over the next 6 weeks. You do a couple of link ups talking about your progress and at the end your name goes in the pot for tons of great gifts. Easy enough, right?

So in January and February my goal was to make 6 pinterest projects. And I did!
And my prize? A $50 gift certificate to Erin Condren. I also got some great Ad space from Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl and printable from Olive + Birch! (I went with the state printable!)

Another cool thing? I googled to see if there were any discounts floating around the internet for and found a coupon for $20 off my purchase that I was able to add along with my $50 and make it go even further!

So here's what I got:

1. Life Planner
2. Pen Holder
3. 6 pack of colored pens
4. Blank stickers to write events on
5. Labels - some have my name, or to:/from:, Happy Birthday, etc.
6. "Let's get together" cards
7. Ruler/ bookmark

There are also a bunch of the stickers (like #4) on the inside that have phrases like, party, game, birthday, etc. Everything came with the planner except for the pen holder, the pack of pens, and the blank stickers

Pretty cool, right? Resolutions in Motion has been great fun and I look forward to doing more in the future! 

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  1. That's a pretty amazing haul! Glad you got so many great items!!


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