What's in my purse?

I'm sure you are all dying to know right?

Well today I am linking up with Carly from Lipgloss and Crayons to show you what is in my purse! 


First I have to tell you that my purse belongs more to my kids than me. With two little ones I can't justify carrying a bag for them and a bag for me. So I keep a diaper bag in the car at all times with diapers/wipes, any extras I might need. Then I carry a stash in my "purse".

So without further ado... My purse:

And the contents inside:

1. wallet // 2. wipes // 3. burp cloth // 4. flosser // 5. pen // 6. rattle for Summer // 7. diapers in two sizes // 8. car keys // 9. chap stick // 10. extra binkie // 11. another rattle // 12. Summer's hair band // 13. Spare hair band for me // 14. Bath & Body Works Twilight woods lotion //15. B&BW sanitizer "Vampire Blood" // 16. Clean Well hand sanitizing wipes // 17. Kids' immunization records

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  1. I have some similar things in my purse except mine is littered in spilled snacks all mine!



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