10 things that make me happy

Because my family is the "obvious" of what makes me happy- I am zeroing in on the "things" that make me happy- and theirs plenty of them.

1. Iced coffee after a long night or on a hot day, or anytime, really.
2. Being wrapped in my husband's hug
3. BIG hugs and snuggles for the littles
4. A home made cheeseburger and corn on the cob on a hot summer day
5. Flip flops and sun tan lines
6. Turning up my favorite song on the radio
7. Snuggling in bed with a good book
8. Cuddling on the couch with my kids and a movie
9. The smell of freshly cut grass
10. Lounging at the lake, under the sun on a hot day

Does life get better than those things?

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  1. A lot of these things make me happy, too! Found you through the link-up & when I saw the spaghetti bread recipe, I was here to stay! :)

  2. What a lovely list. You've got me tearing up here. For me, I'd include, planting, caring for and sharing the fruits of my garden labors. Walks with the family, including my dogs and moments when I am "the me of old". Life really is short.

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    Looking forward to connecting further.

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