A moment in my day

Yesterday was beautiful in Spokane, as have been the last several days, and we couldn't help but just be outside all afternoon and evening! Travis' sister had come over and she was able to get a family picture of us, which I don't have many as a family of 5. I love these faces!

This is one of the sweetest pictures I have seen in a long time. You can't tell they are related, can ya?

Zach never lets me get a good picture of him anymore, but this one is great.

My sweet little lady, enjoying the grass

Tyler being a great helper and "mowing" the lawn

The next week looks to be in the low 80's and I am loving these abnormally high temps! Today should be another day like yesterday!

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  1. Very cute family! I just read your about page. I can't imagine losing my husband at age 19 (or any age)! Good to meet you! Stopping by from Blissful and Domestic's blog hop

    Kristina@ mothersniche.com

  2. Kate, your family is adorable! I've been to Spokane, it's a great place to be in the summer!


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